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A Tale of Two Boots

Instead of being like a normal person and posting holiday outfit ideas, I’m going in a completely opposite direction and posting a rather long story about shoes. I always have been a little different. I hope you all enjoy and have a great Christmas (or day off work, if you don’t celebrate Christmas)!

The year was 1996. A teenage Amber and her family went to an outlet mall that they rarely got to visit. Amber, already a shop-a-holic at age 13, wanted to go into a shoe store and check out the offerings. She was at that awkward stage of not really knowing her style (oh, who am I kidding, I’m still there nearly 20 years later…), so her latest foray into fashion was inspired by the “grunge look” that the 1990s have become known for. As she walked around the shoe store, she was relatively unimpressed by their offerings until her young eyes spotted these…


She had┬áto have them. Sadly, her funds were limited and she didn’t have enough to buy them that day. However, she was persistent in both saving her money and annoying begging asking her parents nicely to drive her back to the store. The persistence paid off and the shoes were hers!

She wore them quite frequently during her 8th and 9th grade years, then as she ventured into other looks and styles, they didn’t grace her feet nearly as often. They sat in her closet, gathering dust and only being worn on the rare occasion when she felt like making a statement with her feet. When she entered the world of full-time employment and grown up married life, they became yet another pair of shoes on her closet floor that she had to make sure the dog didn’t attack. Were they doomed to a life of being second-class citizens, relegated to a showpiece of days gone by? Or, could Amber somehow sneak them back into her shoe rotation, especially after seeing a resurgence in Doc Martens and subsequent knockoffs at places such as Target?

Here, my good readers, is the answer to those burning questions…


Cardigan: Walmart (its last go around b/c it had a hole in the sleeve…boooooo)
Chevron tank top: Walmart
Black tank top (unseen): Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Boots: Old

And, for good measure, she decided to give another nod to 90s fashion by wearing safety pin earrings, approved by the dog, of course.


Amber, feeling a bit daring and a dash inspired, may even try the shoes with a dress and tights soon. There is a particular dress from Old Navy that lends itself to a recreation of a glorious 90s inspired outfit, and perhaps, if Amber asks nicely enough, Santa will bring it to her this Christmas (three more days!!).

And now, the tale of two boots will draw to a close. Rest assured, these will be seen again sooner rather than later.