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Piano (Wo)man

I swear, our dog has an uncanny sixth sense for knowing when I’m taking pictures for the blog. I wanted to participate in this week’s Style Imitating Art linkup and realized when I got home that I didn’t have any full-length shots of my outfit. My camera is being funky right now, so this phone picture (propped up on my bathroom counter- hence the white space at the bottom), is the best I have. I got the phone set up, hit the timer button, and got into position, and before I knew it, I heard the running click of dog toenails, and the below shot was born. At least he’s cute, right?


Cardigan: Target
Ruffled tank top: Target (via Goodwill)
Maxi skirt: Versona Accessories
Leggings (unseen): Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden

I loved my earrings today! (But ew, sorry about the hair on the shot. There’s a difference between keeping it real and not editing. I fall into the latter, unfortunately…). I got them at a fall craft fair last year from a lady who had made all kinds of Scrabble tile jewelry. I wish I still had her card because I’d like another pair!



So now for the Style Imitating Art bit. Here is this week’s painting, At the Piano by James McNeill Whistler


And here is my interpretation, complete with a goofy face…


This was a phone picture too. It’s amazing what the right lighting can do! Also, special thanks to two of my best guy friends from college for arranging my “photo shoot”. Gotta love the people who you can ask to take your picture at a piano on a stage without giving an explanation! 🙂


Sprite Skirt

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Warning: you’re about to see my face again. Heh. After not posting an actual outfit picture since December 20, I was ready to post something again. For some reason, I’m going a little link up crazy today too!
First, there’s Inspiration Monday at two birds:
Printed, belted, swifted.
Second, I’m a little late to this party, but there’s the Style Me April challenge at Dean Street Society:
Sunshine. Got it.
And finally, there’s Style Imitating Art, hosted by Salazaar at 14 Shades of Grey this round: 
“Spring Rain” by Erté

Wait. Sunshine and rain? It’s like a spring day in Tennessee!

So how do we combine all of those challenges into a super challenge? We use the Sprite skirt!
What is the Sprite skirt? It’s a skirt that has the color and shapes found in Sprite’s logo. I know it’s random, but it’s the only image I get when I see this rarely-worn skirt!
Judge for yourself:
Sprite Skirt, 3
See the lemon shapes in the skirt and the yellow/green tones? Or do you just see the skirt of a crazy person? 😉
Here’s the skirt and the rest of my outfit:
Sprite Skirt, 1
Smartphone pictures in the office during lunch. Sweet! I also tried to get a better shot of my green shoes. One of our maintenance men said he needs a pair! 
Sprite Skirt, 2

I match the painting in my office also. How’s that for Style Imitating Art?

Sprite Skirt, 4

I’ve got my Inspiration Monday look going with the printed skirt and belted look. I’ve got my Style Me April look going with the yellow in my skirt, yellow earrings (that I didn’t get a good shot of), and the overall spring/sunshiny look. I’ve got my Style Imitating Art look going with the lines in the skirt imitating the rain in the picture and the green (and by matching my painting ha ha). Are any of those too much of a stretch? I had all three of the linkups in mind when I was choosing my clothes last night. Any thoughts?
I’ve missed blogging! I got a few tips from Danielle at A Little Bit of WoWe about how to make the picture process easier (and how to have better quality pictures since they won’t be taken with a phone camera under fluorescent lights!). If anyone else has tips about how they make blogging easier on themselves, please pass them along!
Now go enjoy a Sprite!

Style Imitating Art: What does the swan say?

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Very quick and very late tonight. My computer, like me over the weekend, contracted some type of virus, so I’ve been battling both of the viruses tonight. Also, the human virus seems to have taken away my writing skills and patience with the man and fur creature in my house. Lucky everyone…

Jess from Animated Cardigan chose Swan Lake as her Style Imitating Art picture. Be sure to read more about it, including who the famous illustrator is!

My interpretation:
Swan: Full Body
Clearly, the swans and I both have the long, graceful neck in common. Also, I think my eyes were closed in this one too! Double also, my kitchen looks so blah!
Swan: Pattern Closeup

The pattern on this dress gave me an underwater vibe, plus the blues kind of echoed the blues in the picture (I’m working on my artsy comparisons. Maybe one of these days I’ll use something other than “echoed”). I found this dress earlier this year on the clearance rack at Burke’s Outlet, and it had a lavender sale sticker, which meant 90% off, so it was under $2. I’m working to shop more ethically these days, but sometimes you just have to talk about a good bargain!
Also, here’s my fox earring. Foxes and swans are friends, right?
Swan: Meet the Fox
Wow, I wrote a lot more than I thought I would! Maybe sinus meds make me chatty! Bless my poor husband, then! 😉

Style Imitating Art: What’s Black and White and Re(a)d All Over?

Does anyone remember the old joke about what’s black and white and red (or read) all over? There were a couple of different answers- a newspaper, a zebra with a sunburn. I think there was another one too, but those were the only ones I could remember on this crazy Monday!

I’m excited to be participating in Jen from Librarian for Life and Style’s first Style Imitating Art selection. You can read more about the selection and why she chose it here, but here’s the inspiration:

Here’s my interpretation:

SIA: BWR (What I Submitted)
I tried to take pictures outside this morning, but the light was too bright, and they kept being washed out. Instead, you get to see my after-work blah hair and part of my bedroom, including the Employees Only sign on the door. 😉
I went with a black, white, and red (more maroon actually) color scheme. No stripes on this outfit, but the flowers on my cardigan kind of echo the wallpaper behind him. Clearly, I excelled in my art appreciation class in undergrad!
Here are a couple of closeups of the cardigan:
SIA: BWR (Back of Cardigan)
SIA: BWR (Sequin Closeup)
It should be fun to see how others interpreted this painting! 

Mega Monday

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Inspiration Monday, Style Imitating Art, and tomorrow marks Section 391’s 1st birthday! Wowzers! I’m going to veer away from “Would You Wear That Wednesday” this week to do a retrospective of my first year of postings as “What I Wore Wednesday.” Should be interesting to see how (or if) my style has evolved over this past year!

And now for the inspiration pieces.

Here’s Inspiration Monday:

And here’s Style Imitating Art:

This is my summer interpretation of Inspiration Monday. I went for a loose green top and fitted lighter bottoms since it was 90 something here today! I don’t love sleeveless tops on me, so I skipped the sleeveless action today. Also, it kind of reflects the colors in the SIA picture with the muted tones. We can even pretend like the silver sandals reflect my outfit like the water at the bottom of the painting…can’t we? This was one of the better pictures of the outfit’s colors, even though my head was turned (yelling at the puppy, naturally).

This puppy has been testing my patience lately…
Mega Monday can also refer to that pile of laundry behind me. Yikes!

And, as a bonus picture, here’s my new staff directory shot with my library behind me. My eyes didn’t look so closed on the camera preview, and I think my hair looks a little funky here, but I needed an updated picture since my other one was five years old!

I’ve gotten three submissions for the librarian linkup already! If you have a look you’d like to submit, email it to me by Wednesday evening, or come back on Friday and use the linky-majig. I had grand aspirations of making a super sweet icon for it; I still have time, but the odds are looking slimmer! 
Time to go put away some laundry (clearly one of my favorite chores…). 

What I Wore: June 17, 2013

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So without realizing, I kind of dressed like today’s Style In Art picture! 
White Center (Yellow, Pink, Lavender on Rose) by Mark Rothko 1950
We’re having modem connectivity issues at home, so I had to settle on subpar phone pictures in my office during lunch. But, the sentiment of a yellow (gold!) top and white pants is there, so I get partial credit, right? (Wait, who am I asking…of course I do!) 
My favorite shot of today
Wrinkly shirt
Tried to get a better shoe shot
My smiling face
These shoes would’ve worked better with today’s painting!

Can we also take a moment to celebrate the fact that I had meatball subs for lunch and spilled nary a drop on these white pants? I think that earns me an adult beverage in my pajamas tonight…