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Blogger cliche overload

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Starbucks cup: check.


Blazer: Target
Navy tank top: Old Navy
Polka dot tank top: JC Penney
Gray jeans: Old Navy
Gray boots: Payless

Pattern mixing and a “marsala” colored striped blazer: check and check


I think I’m finally starting to nail this blogger thing…



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Hi! I’m still alive and blogging. I’ve been MIA because I started a new job a couple of weeks ago, and it’s wearing me out! I used to be a librarian at a small, private, liberal arts university. I spent seven years there before leaving to take my new position as a librarian at a not-so-small, community college. I hadn’t started a new job in seven years, so I forgot how tiring learning all of the ins and outs can be! Also, I don’t know the exact numbers, but I think our last headcount was about 3x more than the institution that I left, and since I’m in Tennessee, that’s only going to increase as students take advantage of Tennessee Promise (the program that offers two years of community college free to new high school graduates). Phew!

I’ve been taking camera phone pictures in our break room restroom lately, so I didn’t think the quality was great, but after I uploaded them, I thought that they may be better than some of my camera pictures! 😉

Cardigan, pencil skirt, tights, boots

Ignore the stray hair and facial expression!

Cardigan: Gap Outlet
Camisole: Walmart
Skirt: Old Navy
Tights: Old Navy
Boots (in need of repair): Marti and Liz

Shirt dress, fleece-lined tights, boots

Ripped my last contact, so it’s glasses for me for a while!

Dress: Kmart
Gray Tank Top (Unseen): Old Navy
Leggings: Target
Boots: Payless

I think this dress is bright enough to count for the Putting Me Together Style Challenge #2: Wear a Bright Color! And, if I wanted to be technical, I could count it for Challenge #1 of wearing a dress too. 😉

Metallic details in fleece-lined tights

Metallic details in fleece-lined tights

And, on a random note, my parents, brother, husband, and I went to see the Blue Man Group in Nashville a couple of weeks ago (the day after my new job started!). I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was amazing! Plus, all of them were in the lobby afterwards for pictures. The picture below features one of my new January purchases that I’ll talk about during my Budgeting Bloggers January wrap up post in two weeks!

Blue tunic and Blue Man

My brother, husband, and I met a Blue Man!

I love that my husband broke out his blue “marf” (his term for “man scarf”) for the occasion!

I want to try to include more outfits in my posts since it’s a lot easier to take a few secret pictures before work each day. I know that a lot of my favorite bloggers take pictures outside, and when it’s warmer, I might return to our deck, but for now, enjoy the lovely fluorescent lighting and sweet views of the powder room!

Piano (Wo)man

I swear, our dog has an uncanny sixth sense for knowing when I’m taking pictures for the blog. I wanted to participate in this week’s Style Imitating Art linkup and realized when I got home that I didn’t have any full-length shots of my outfit. My camera is being funky right now, so this phone picture (propped up on my bathroom counter- hence the white space at the bottom), is the best I have. I got the phone set up, hit the timer button, and got into position, and before I knew it, I heard the running click of dog toenails, and the below shot was born. At least he’s cute, right?


Cardigan: Target
Ruffled tank top: Target (via Goodwill)
Maxi skirt: Versona Accessories
Leggings (unseen): Old Navy
Boots: Steve Madden

I loved my earrings today! (But ew, sorry about the hair on the shot. There’s a difference between keeping it real and not editing. I fall into the latter, unfortunately…). I got them at a fall craft fair last year from a lady who had made all kinds of Scrabble tile jewelry. I wish I still had her card because I’d like another pair!



So now for the Style Imitating Art bit. Here is this week’s painting, At the Piano by James McNeill Whistler


And here is my interpretation, complete with a goofy face…


This was a phone picture too. It’s amazing what the right lighting can do! Also, special thanks to two of my best guy friends from college for arranging my “photo shoot”. Gotta love the people who you can ask to take your picture at a piano on a stage without giving an explanation! 🙂

Please don’t leave yet, Fall!

I’m not a fan of cold weather. Last week, Tennessee, like the rest of the country, got hit with Novembruary temperatures. I was just getting used to the fall weather when that nonsense struck! Thankfully, we’re back to comfortable temperatures because I’m not ready to be cold all of the time!

This outfit was from last week, and I had planned to wear a giant infinity scarf that my mother-in-law had given me last Christmas, but by the time I finished getting ready, I was too hot to even consider it! I regretted that decision in my cold office that afternoon!


This is becoming the “Amber and K dog blog!”DSC05122


Sweater: Old Navy
Camisole: Walmart
Cords: JC Penney
Boots: Marti and Liz

I took a suggestion from Jen at Librarian for Life and Style and took an up-close picture of my accessories. I really like the way this turned out!


Earrings: Kate Spade, birthday gift from friend
Necklace: Claire’s
Wedding set: JC Penney
Gold and maroon ring: Old Navy

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Shades of Green

Last month, Jen at Librarian for Life and Style blogged an outfit that featured varying shades of teal green. I really liked the idea of wearing variations of a color, instead of being matchy-matchy.

I wore this outfit last month during Tennessee’s 965 days of rain in a row, so my hair got a nice rain-inspired pouf to it by the end of the day!

Section 391: Shades of Green

This picture should’ve been more cropped but WordPress’ media center evidently doesn’t care for me!

Section 391: Shades of green

Section 391: Shades of Green

I had to include these two pictures because they were the best two that showed how our pup “helped” me blog. I think he has a blogging career.

I didn’t get a good picture of my earrings, but they were a lighter shade of green. Overall, I liked this outfit. I wouldn’t have thought to put this combination together, so I appreciated the inspiration from Jen!

Try to Dress Nice, Okay?

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We recently had a reception for an art donation at work. It was a two-hour, drop-in reception in our library. My boss told me about it on the day I wore this outfit and told me to “try to dress nice” on that day. Sometimes I wonder what goes through her head when she sees my outfits… 

Dress Nice- Full Shot

Dress Nice- Close Up

Dress Nice- Huh?
Saying “huh” to my husband

I completely forgot to include the black and white shirt (and a pair of green capris) on my April budget round up! I went back and edited it to reflect those changes. I guess when you buy so much, you forget things!
Also, I didn’t get a picture of what I wore to the reception, so I may have to repeat that outfit soon so you all can judge whether or not I looked “nice” for that event!

Style Imitating Art: What does the swan say?

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Very quick and very late tonight. My computer, like me over the weekend, contracted some type of virus, so I’ve been battling both of the viruses tonight. Also, the human virus seems to have taken away my writing skills and patience with the man and fur creature in my house. Lucky everyone…

Jess from Animated Cardigan chose Swan Lake as her Style Imitating Art picture. Be sure to read more about it, including who the famous illustrator is!

My interpretation:
Swan: Full Body
Clearly, the swans and I both have the long, graceful neck in common. Also, I think my eyes were closed in this one too! Double also, my kitchen looks so blah!
Swan: Pattern Closeup

The pattern on this dress gave me an underwater vibe, plus the blues kind of echoed the blues in the picture (I’m working on my artsy comparisons. Maybe one of these days I’ll use something other than “echoed”). I found this dress earlier this year on the clearance rack at Burke’s Outlet, and it had a lavender sale sticker, which meant 90% off, so it was under $2. I’m working to shop more ethically these days, but sometimes you just have to talk about a good bargain!
Also, here’s my fox earring. Foxes and swans are friends, right?
Swan: Meet the Fox
Wow, I wrote a lot more than I thought I would! Maybe sinus meds make me chatty! Bless my poor husband, then! 😉