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Why I keep failing at remixing challenges

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If you’ve been reading Section 391 for a while, you’ve probably noticed a consistent theme when I attempt a remixing challenge:

Step 1: Express excitement about participating in said challenge

Step 2: Apologize for taking so long to post pictures of all of my selections for challenge (if at all)

Step 3: Participate for as long as 2 weeks in challenge

Step 4: Disappear, reappear, blame busyness of life for disappearance. Promise to catch up “soon”

Step 5: Disappear again, quit challenge, talk about why I failed challenge, swear to do better “next time”

Does that sound right? Any steps I’m missing? I think that sums it up!

My latest challenge that I never even started was the Greater Than Rubies challenge. She even has daily prompts to help you figure out what to wear during your challenge, and yet, I never even started! I kept putting it off until I realized that I was almost to the halfway mark of not participating. That made me start thinking about the reasons why I keep failing remixing challenges, and here’s what I came up with:

Reason 1- I’m indecisive: Choosing a certain number of clothes to wear during a predetermined amount of time just seems really overwhelming to me. That’s why I almost always pack too much on vacations too!

Reason 2- I want what I can’t have: I won’t wear something for six months, but as soon as it’s off limits during a remixing challenge, it’s the only thing I can think about wearing!

Reason 3- I don’t have a cohesive wardrobe: I think I’ve talked about this on my blog before, but I’ve always been a quantity over quality shopper, so I have a lot of clothes (although I’ve been better about purging), but not a lot of them go together.

Reason 4- I don’t have good basics: Well fitting pair of black pants? White t-shirt that can be dressed up or down? Nope. I’ve got black pants but they’re just okay (and they smell weird, even after repeated washings). I’ve got a white t-shirt, but it’s an odd length and requires a shirt underneath because of the deep V and the sheerness. Without some basics, it seems that much more difficult to remix.

Reason 5- I don’t really know what looks good on me: Sometimes I’ll wear something and think “eh, that isn’t so bad,” Usually I won’t know any better unless I ask my husband (and he tells the truth!) or I take a picture of myself like I did today. Please note today’s outfit:



Let’s ignore my Monday face for a minute and just look at this beaut. I bought the pants last month, yet they look like something from the 90s (and not in the cool, throwback way). The shirt keeps fighting me and the line is trying to migrate northward giving me an awkward cut across my chest. The jacket is awful, but it’s my office jacket for when I don’t want to turn on the heater, so I’ll ignore it. This outfit also makes me feel short and wide. Even my husband said it’s “not my best” when I texted him the picture (and promised there would be no repercussions for brutal honesty!). Ladies and gents, if your significant other says it’s not your best, then you need to listen!

What’s the point of all of my words and unflattering picture? I partially wanted to write some of the thoughts I’ve been having as remixing challenges and minimalism are growing in popularity. I also wanted to use this as a springboard to take my wardrobe – and this blog – up a few lot of notches. I’m tired of feeling frumpy. I’m tired of spending a lot of time looking in my closet only to come up with combinations like the one above. I’m also tired of failing at remixing challenges. So, let’s buckle down, do some soul searching (or closet cleaning and clothes trying on) and be Section 391 2.0!


September Budget

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Time (and laundry) has gotten away from me, so I haven’t quite finished putting together my 31 items for the remixing adventure. I hope to have those chosen and photographed by Friday!

In the mean time, here are my September purchases;


Old Navy polka dot jersey pencil skirt- $15

No picture- VF Outlet khaki Dockers ankle pants- $5

No picture- VF Outlet black skinny pants (can’t remember brand)- $22

Wow! Only $42 spent last month! Woo hoo!

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