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Cardigan overload: A tale of my May spending

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I bought five cardigans in May. I’m beginning to think that I need cardigan rehab. I even flipped out a little bit in Gap Outlet when I saw that their cardigans were 70% off. Somehow I only bought one that day. Maybe that’s the first step in my rehab process.

Here’s what else I bought in May:

Balloon cardigan, Target, $12
Black capris (same brand but not exact), Burke’s Outlet, $10

Nest Boutique Cardigans- Black and Mint, $9/each

Not pictured:
Goodwill (2 skirts and a cardigan)- $15
Purple Cardigan, Gap Outlet- $12
2 White Camisoles, Gap Outlet- $5/each
Yard sale treasures- $12 (seriously, there’s a lady in my parents’ neighborhood that has some of the best yard sale clothes I’ve ever seen!)

I spent $89 in May, but the cardigans were worth it. 😉

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Poison Ivy and Poison Teeth

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Poison teeth may be a little bit of a stretch, but I liked the way it sounded together when I wrote it!

My husband had his wisdom teeth removed this morning. It was a very quick decision made by his dentist when he went in for a cleaning last week. I’m still trying to think of something to do to embarrass him while he’s knocked out on painkillers! 😉

I’ve got the poison ivy…lucky me! I think I got it from a co-worker’s pet pig that he brought into the library last Friday. She was adorable, but as soon as she left, I had a rash on my arm. No fun!

How about some pictures of me without poison ivy…

My husband told me to turn around and model.
Also notice the dog booty in this picture!

I wore the same white cropped cardigan that I did in the last outfit post, but it was so warm when we took these pictures that I couldn’t stand the extra layer! The cardigan made it look a little bit more professional…well, as professional as a denim shirt and TOMS can look!

Try to Dress Nice, Okay?

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We recently had a reception for an art donation at work. It was a two-hour, drop-in reception in our library. My boss told me about it on the day I wore this outfit and told me to “try to dress nice” on that day. Sometimes I wonder what goes through her head when she sees my outfits… 

Dress Nice- Full Shot

Dress Nice- Close Up

Dress Nice- Huh?
Saying “huh” to my husband

I completely forgot to include the black and white shirt (and a pair of green capris) on my April budget round up! I went back and edited it to reflect those changes. I guess when you buy so much, you forget things!
Also, I didn’t get a picture of what I wore to the reception, so I may have to repeat that outfit soon so you all can judge whether or not I looked “nice” for that event!