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Check Us Out: A Librarian Linkup!

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This has been an exciting week on this little blog! I participated in two linkups, hit my 1 year blog-i-versary, and am now co-hosting my first linkup! Whew!

Since it’s back to school time for nearly everyone, it seemed like the perfect time to showcase fashionable librarians, library degree holders, and anyone who just likes libraries in general!

The first submission comes from Christina at Simple Easy Style who describes herself as a “crazy cat lady” and “meticulous organizer,” which are things that most of us librarians/library degree holders have been called a time or two! Christina shows how you can make a fancy piece a little more wearable by mixing in an everyday piece like a denim jacket.

Hmm, I’ve got a dress in mind that would work well for mixing fancy and casual. Thanks for the idea!

The second submission is Erin from Loop Looks. Here’s what she had to say about her back to school style:

“I’m Erin and although I have my Master’s of Library Science I don’t work in a traditional librarian role. I’m the director of records management at a private university in Chicago. The office I work for has what I would call a slightly elevated business casual dress code with the occasional “suit day” thrown in. Which is why my blog, Loop Looks (, focuses on how to dress for the office without feeling boring. Bright colors and fun patterns paired with traditional tailored pieces are just one of the ways I do that.”

navy_blazer_polka_dot_shirt_pink_skirt 006 edit
I love this outfit and want to steal it from you! Nashville isn’t that far from Chicago, right? =)
Next up is Jess from Animated Cardigan (who just got a promotion! Exciting!!)
Be sure to check out her post today about librarians and clothing (especially since she has the greatest black dress ever…it has pockets! Pockets!!).
For co-host Shelley from Miss Lady Librarian, the challenge was to outfit herself for an autumnal back to school link up right when the temperatures soared to over 90 degrees for only the second or third time during the summer (right there with ya, Shelley!). Her solution: deep colors, textures, and bare skin.  
These just happen to be my university’s colors! Love the summer pieces in the fall tones!
Co-host Jen from Librarian for Life and Style used some transition-to-fall tricks for her outfit:
“Layering and belting a linen blazer over a tank top feels more professional — but still bearable if you live in a hot weather locale. The same goes for open-toed wedges, but the tortoiseshell pattern feels more fall, as does the overall color palette of tan, brown, and navy.”

Such a cute and easy professional outfit! Check out the mural behind her too, which is on the wall at a local day school. Her section says “dreams.” Wouldn’t that be so inspiring to see on your school every day? 
The final submission is from yours truly! Like Shelley, I’m currently experiencing summer temperatures during a time when everyone wants to start thinking about fall (someone on my Instagram feed was drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte, for crying out loud!). I took a relatively casual summer outfit- a tank top, maxi skirt, and sandals- and made it more professional and fall-ish with the addition of a 3/4 sleeve blazer. I won’t lie; I was still warmer in this than I wanted to be, but it’ll be a nice outfit to repeat in mid-September, especially with a colorful tank top!
Check Us Out Linkup Submission!

I don’t know what’s up with my snarky face here either! =)
Thank you to everyone who has submitted looks so far. I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas for remixing things that I already own! Special thanks to my two co-hosts, Shelley and Jen, for your support while I hammered out the details, the ideas you had, and helping spread the word. This was just a random idea I had in July, and I’m really excited to see it come to fruition!
Now, it’s your turn! Submit your back-to-school look using the linkup tool below. This is my first time using it, so if anyone has any problems with it, please email me. I’m leaving it open through the weekend so get those looks in and have a great Friday!


What I Wore Wednesday: Celebrating Section 391’s 1st Year!

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Before I start, I have to confess that I didn’t want to include my not-so-favorite looks because there were more of those than I care to admit! Also, I noticed that some of my pictures don’t work anymore; I think that’s because I was linking them from Pinterest. I’ve got the links at the top of the homepage that indicate the outfits I did and didn’t like, so if anyone is really super curious to see what outfits I didn’t like, feel free to click the links (I’ll get every entry on there in the next couple of weeks since some of my older ones are missing from it). Also, all of the pictures below are different sizes. I tried editing the code, but my brain is a little tired after surviving the first day of our fall semester, and it didn’t work. Oops!

My top 10 favorite looks of the year:

#10- From August 27, 2012 (first one!)

#9- From September 5, 2012
#8- From October 9, 2012

07/15/13- Full body
#7- From July 15, 2013

#6- From May 1, 2013

07/22/13- Full Body
#5- From July 22, 2013

#4- From April 29, 2013

#3- From May 20, 2013
#2- From September 12, 2012

#1- From September 20, 2012

Things that I’ve noticed over the past year:

  • I feel frumpier when I wear my hair in a ponytail. I think it’s because if I wear a ponytail, I’m usually running late, and if I’m running late, I usually have to pick out the first thing that doesn’t need to be ironed.
  • I still would like to up my photography game- better colors, location, or something- because I don’t love the quality of my pictures.
  • I have a lot more clothes than I thought. There are so many that I haven’t worn some of them since I’ve posted pictures of them. I’ve gotten rid of some of them, but others are just taking up valuable space in my closet. I think the long weekend will be a great chance to clean out some clothes!
  • Some of the looks that I didn’t really know how I would feel about, such as numbers 5 and 6, turned out to be some of my favorites. I guess I should get out of my style rut!
  • I miss having longer hair!
  • Having a posting plan makes a huge difference. Who knew?? 😉
Any favorites from the top 10?

Mega Monday

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Inspiration Monday, Style Imitating Art, and tomorrow marks Section 391’s 1st birthday! Wowzers! I’m going to veer away from “Would You Wear That Wednesday” this week to do a retrospective of my first year of postings as “What I Wore Wednesday.” Should be interesting to see how (or if) my style has evolved over this past year!

And now for the inspiration pieces.

Here’s Inspiration Monday:

And here’s Style Imitating Art:

This is my summer interpretation of Inspiration Monday. I went for a loose green top and fitted lighter bottoms since it was 90 something here today! I don’t love sleeveless tops on me, so I skipped the sleeveless action today. Also, it kind of reflects the colors in the SIA picture with the muted tones. We can even pretend like the silver sandals reflect my outfit like the water at the bottom of the painting…can’t we? This was one of the better pictures of the outfit’s colors, even though my head was turned (yelling at the puppy, naturally).

This puppy has been testing my patience lately…
Mega Monday can also refer to that pile of laundry behind me. Yikes!

And, as a bonus picture, here’s my new staff directory shot with my library behind me. My eyes didn’t look so closed on the camera preview, and I think my hair looks a little funky here, but I needed an updated picture since my other one was five years old!

I’ve gotten three submissions for the librarian linkup already! If you have a look you’d like to submit, email it to me by Wednesday evening, or come back on Friday and use the linky-majig. I had grand aspirations of making a super sweet icon for it; I still have time, but the odds are looking slimmer! 
Time to go put away some laundry (clearly one of my favorite chores…). 

Mrs. ‘Murica and a Librarian Linkup!

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The first thing one of my co-workers said to me today was that she liked my patriotic look. Guess I should’ve worn my flag shoes with this one!

My hair drove me crazy today! That headband stayed put for about an hour before I gave in and put my hair up in a ponytail!

And now, for the linkup!

On Friday, August 30, join me, Jen at Librarian for Life and Style, and Shelley at Miss Lady Librarian for a linkup featuring librarian style (just in time for back to school). Submit your favorite work look from the week of August 26-30, and be sure to take a look at all of the other fabulous participants! Also, you don’t have to be a librarian to participate in the linkup – just share your favorite back-to-school outfit along with us!

This is the first linkup I’ve hosted, so I’m still learning the ins and outs! If there are any seasoned pros who have tips, please pass them along. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s submissions!

Would You Wear That Wednesday: Shoulderless Top

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This week’s selection, a shoulderless top:

Like the denim vest from last week, I find myself once again asking what the point is of this garment. If I wanted something sleeveless, I would choose a sleeveless shirt or tank top. If I wanted something with sleeves, then I would choose something that didn’t have cut out shoulders and an awkward opening on the strap (seriously, how do you wear a bra with that?). Otherwise, I really like this top- the stripes, colors, and curved hemline. I’m just not digging the shoulderlessness (oh yeah, I made up a word). 
So far, I haven’t liked anything I’ve posted. I haven’t done that on purpose, though! I just browse websites of affordable stores that I would actually shop at, such as Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Old Navy, then I scroll and randomly select something. Super scientific, right? Also, I feel like by explaining what I do and don’t like about the garments I pick, I’m helping myself (and maybe others) be more selective about shopping and choosing items. It’s so easy to pick something up just because it’s trendy/cheap/has pretty colors/whatever. It’s harder to evaluate your options and make an informed decision.
Okay, now I’m off of my semi-soapbox. What do you think? Would you bare your shoulders and wear this top, or do you prefer shirts that can make up their mind between sleeveless and short-sleeved? 

Hey, hey chambray

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I think my new goal is to make my post titles as cheesy as possible!

My wayward right pocket on the shirt is proof that I should always take a couple of minutes on Sundays to iron my clothes. I even tried to straighten the pocket out with a hot roller. I’m not proud of that, but that seemed like a winning idea at the time.

Carry on wayward pocket…

Pretending to be “artsy”
Look at the pocket! Ironing does wonders for clothes!
I had to show a closeup of my earring because I really like it! It may be a little dressier than the outfit needed, but I don’t care!


We have in-service meetings most of the week at work, and the fall semester kicks off a week from Wednesday. Where has this summer semester gone?!? (Side note: I’m a seasonal purist, meaning I don’t decorate, prepare for, acknowledge seasons until their calendar dates. So while the fall semester/fall rush will be starting on August 28, nary a pumpkin scented candle, pumpkin flavored latte, or leaf themed decoration will grace my household/life until September 22. There’s still pool time left!). Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to rush the seasons? There will be plenty of time for pumpkins, leaves, boots, and chilly mornings!

Stumpier than I thought

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This is my 100th published posting!! Woo hoo! Plus, I’m almost to my one year blog-i-versary (or however you spell it). I think I’m finally starting to post consistently too. Gold star!

I went full out Southern girl for this title! It’s the shortened version of “this outfit makes me look a lot stumpier than I thought I was.” Stumpier, for those of you not in the know, means shorter and a little wider. I’m trying to wear my white pants a lot this summer since, you know, you can’t wear them after Labor Day (which is way too rapidly approaching). I usually wear them with a longer top, but I thought this might be a good pairing. I feel kind of meh about it. The tank top seems to cut me off at a wide part of my body, plus it felt really, really low cut all day. I think it just bought itself a ticket to thriftdom…

Pardon the couch arm here…


Does my nose look crooked here? 
TGIF!! Weekend!! No knocked over mailbox today like last week! No flash flooding and crazy rain this week! Lots of exclamation points!!